4 Ways Customer Relationship Management could be part of your Cloud PBX Solution.


4 Ways Customer Relationship Management could be part of your Cloud PBX Solution.

03I’m hooked. The new local delivery outfit in my neighborhood is fabulous. And this is main reason why: they’re just really, really easy to call.

It’s faster to call them than to fire up an app. And it’s always a pleasant experience. They’re warm and friendly; they recognize me instantly, greet me by name and never waste my time. They remember my last order, last complaint and regular groceries. And I never have to repeat my address to them. They feel like my allies. They’re faster and friendlier than any app or website.


Everyone has a happy customer service story to tell these days. So what’s making all this great customer service possible? It’s the newfound PBX + CRM alliance. An alliance that’s benefiting small businesses more than any other. Local businesses like auto dealers, travel agents, local deliveries, local cleaning services and even beauty parlor and spas—are all poised to give those mega corporations a run for their money.


In fact check out these fun stats:

  • Local business are far better placed than the big brands with regards to customer service:
  • According to Small Business Daily 81% of American feel small businesses give better service than the big guys.
  • An IBM news release states that 4 out Of 5 Consumers declare that big brands don’t know them as individuals.


So small businesses were always well placed for providing stellar customer service. Enter Cloud technologies —and you’re all set to outplay bigger businesses.
But how easy is it to embrace all this tech? Employees easily adopt technologies like cloud PBX. (after all, it’s as easy as operating a phone). But when it comes to full-fledged CRM solution there is a lot more reluctance. These solutions are more complicated. They need specialized staff and/or training. Older employees often refuse to take that steep learning curve. And the CRM purchase lies wasted.


But, what if some basic CRM is part of your PBX solutions? It could be a great stepping-stone for a future PBX+ CRM partnership.


Lets look at 4 key CRM features your PBX could (and should) have built into it:


  1. A customer database. You expect your smartphone to be your directory. Your PBX should be no different. Contact lists with details on your most active customer, their names and email ID’s should be readily available and easy to maintain right within your cloud PBX solution.
  2. Customer moods. Cloud PBX should give you freedom. Without letting you lose touch with your customer. Whenever you login—whether you’re at home or on holiday—quick-to-understand visual warnings of customer mood should be easy-to-access.
  3. Bad feedback is important too. In her book, “Understanding Customers”, Ruby Newell-Legner states that only 4 in 100 dissatisfied customer voice their dissatisfactions while 91% just don’t come back. So bad feedback is actually valuable. Your PBX should have inbuilt warnings for get bad feedback. You should be able to listen in to recordings, access the customer records and make amends fast.
  4. Call recordings. Like email, you should be able to store unlimited voice interactions. You can go back and check on interactions and train staff to handle your customers exactly how you would.


Today, thanks to cloud PBX, entrepreneurs can expect far more value from their average call. With so many features on offer; it’s easy to get overwhelmed. But staying customer centered makes it easy to focus and choose the right solution for you.
My local delivery guys seem to have gotten it right. Here’s hoping you find your ideal solution soon too.


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