With all the technological advancements and how quickly the world has adapted to virtual solutions, business needs for communication have also evolved. Previously, PBX, or Private Branch Exchange, was the chosen telephony solution: a system of a telephone network within a company. This communications network allowed for a number of outside lines to enable external call-making. PBX connects all internal lines to a public telephone...

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Every business, even small ones, deserves to have a solid support system that enables it to build and maintain relationships with customers easily and efficiently.   By adding KooKoo’s Cloud Contact Center to your business module, you have transformed your employees into an efficient customer management team. No more customer lost. Every call, chat and mail listed. All of this achieved without hiring employees to man the...

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Looking for a CRM system for your small business? Confused by the many systems available? No sure which system is right for you? Stop. Take a deep breath. Selecting the right CRM system for your business does not have to be a trying process. Here is a checklist to simplify your decision-making process: Built for Small Businesses: There are many of solutions but most are meant for organizations with thousands of...

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