Getting pricing right-SaaS pricing for cloud call center

Getting pricing right-SaaS pricing for cloud call center

When we were figuring out the pricing for our cloud call center product, Cloudagent, it was pretty easy. All call center solutions price per agent with charges for outbound calls too. And we went with the same approach. The approach has worked out pretty well for us so far. This is the best approach, especially for enterprise customers because a good call center product helps you get the best out of an agent. So you price per agent.

When we launched our product for the US product, Kookoo, we knew we had to do something different for two reasons:

  1. The product is designed to cater to the SME/SMB market and not the enterprise market.
  2. We had to differentiate ourselves from the saturated call center market in the US.

We put a lot of thought and discussed multiple pricing models. But all the models felt forced. And then we found the blog by DHH and we knew we had a winner.

So, inspired by the Basecamp pricing, Kookoo will also have a single price(its actually two, one for local numbers and one for toll free, but you get the idea :)), no matter how big your team. No matter how many agents you choose to login. But since calls have a cost, we have included free calls as part of the plan. So for local numbers you pay $49.9/month and get 1000 minutes free. We think SMB/SMEs wont have more than those calls in a month. But don’t worry, if you end up making more calls, we will charge a per minute rate. So effectively with this pricing model, we are sort of the Twilio for call centers.

To sum up, we have removed the per agent model of pricing for call centers with Kookoo. We hope this becomes the standard going forward. Businesses shouldn’t need to worry about number of agents and complicated pricing schemes. They should be able to add agents during peak hours and remove agents during off peak hours.