Getting your SaaS pricing right-Pricing for cloud call centers


Getting your SaaS pricing right-Pricing for cloud call centers

When we launched our cloud call center product, Cloudagent, we were pretty clear about the pricing model. All call center solutions price per agent with call charges. And thats what we did. This has worked out pretty well for us so far. Especially for enterprise clients. This is because a contact center product helps you get the best out of an agent. So pricing per agent is the natural thing to do.


But this month when we launched our product for the US market, Kookoo, we knew we had to do something different for a couple of reasons:


  1. Kookoo is designed for SMBs/SMEs. It is not a product for enterprises.
  2. We had to do something different to separate us out from the saturated contact center product space.


We brainstormed on various pricing strategies, but they all seemed forced. And then we read a blog by DHH and we knew we had a winner.


What better way to shake up the system than remove per agent pricing in the cloud contact center space 🙂


So, we came up with a fixed price ($49.9, $19.9)for a business to sign up with Kookoo cloud contact center. Well, its actually two different prices, one for local numbers and one for toll free, but you get the idea 🙂


Irrespective of how many agent logins you want to create for your business, its always a single fixed price. And since there are call costs involved, we included 1000 minutes free for the price since we think most SMEs will not have more than that many calls. In case you do more calls than that, don’t worry, we will just charge a per minute rate for the extra calls. So in a way, with this pricing model, we have tried to be the Twilio for call centers.


We wanted to shake up the system and change the paradigm of per agent pricing in the call center space. Businesses shouldn’t need to worry about agent licenses and complicated pricing schemes. They shouldn’t have to worry about adding agents during peak hours and removing agents during off peak hours. We hope this model sticks.


If you have some thoughts on the pricing schemes in the call center space, please do let us know. Some more of our thoughts on why we chose this path can be found in this blogpost.