How to Choose the Right CRM for Your Small Business?

Looking for a CRM system for your small business?
Confused by the many systems available?
No sure which system is right for you?
Stop. Take a deep breath.
Selecting the right CRM system for your business does not have to be a trying process.
Here is a checklist to simplify your decision-making process:

Built for Small Businesses: There are many of solutions but most are meant for organizations with thousands of employees. Look for a small business CRM solution. This type of solution will address the problems and challenges faced by a small business.

Easy to Integrate: If the CRM solution isn’t easy to integrate with your existing solutions and processes, it’s pointless. The purpose of a CRM system is to save time and money by automating processes.

Easy to use: For a small business, every employee is a CRM agent. If the system has a steep learning curve, employees will struggle to learn how to use the system. It will complicate not simplify day to day operations.

Accessibility: Customers have high expectations. They expect to connect with you at any time at their own convenience. Look for a CRM system that is accessible. Enabling you to engage with customers from anywhere, at any time through multiple devices from your office desktop to your smart phone.

Customers & Service: An effective CRM system should provide easy access to customer information, past call details, previous enquires or complaints. This will help you and your employees to deliver better service.

Track Performance: A robust CRM can also help you track performance. The number of calls received per day, per week, per month. The number of sales closed. You can use this information to felicitate good performers and motivate the others.

Robust Systems: Today, most CRM systems are robust. They have additional features and tools that make managing your business easier. For example, a system like KooKoo has in-built marketing tools to promote products and services, sales tools to simplify follow ups, analytics tools to understand customer behavior and buying trends and reporting tools to generate a variety of reports easily.
In short, the right CRM tool will help you build and maintain relationships with existing customers. It will also help you to follow up with potential customers effortlessly, market products and services easily, generate all types of reports swiftly and analysis customer behavior and buying patterns to predict trends and drive up business.
Happy Hunting!