Improve Agent Efficiency with these 5 Nifty Tools


Improve Agent Efficiency with these 5 Nifty Tools

How do you measure performance for call center agents?


It’s not just about speed and number of calls/live chats answered. The bottom line is quality.


Creating happier customers faster— is the true measure of your agent’s efficiency.


Here are 4 tools to help your agents achieve this easily:


1. Intelligent call routing. Customers are happier when their calls are answered faster. Intelligent call routing minimizes hold times. It automatically distributes calls evenly amongst agents so no one is overworked.


2. Call queuing. During peak hours, calls may queue up. Agents can see the call-queue on their dashboard—even as they continue their conversations. Just this simple step makes it much easier for agents to plan their calls.


3. Easy transfer. When agents can’t handle a call, they can now transfer in a click. They can reroute customers to someone better suited to handling the problem. Everyone is networked, and the customer’s problem is solved faster.


4. Customer history at their fingertips. Never ask a customer to repeat their information. It annoys customers AND wastes time. Customer history gets displayed on the agent’s dashboard, even as they answer the call. So resolutions are faster and pleasanter. (read here about how customer hate repeating information & other call center problems)


5. Add chat. Live Website support reduces phone queries. And answers customers instantly. Agents can multi chat, resolving more than one query at a time. So it’s very efficient.


Plus, management remains part of the team. You can monitor calls or listen to previous recordings for training purposes. But you can also also join in during peak hours. Having management pitch in helps tackle call traffic and does wonders for employee morale.

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